Automation for advanced field service organizations

Based on state-of-the-art algorithms and AI, Neufield enables efficient processes between all stakeholders. Our SaaS integrates seamlessly into existing IT landscapes and transforms your field service into a competitive advantage.


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We are your partner for modern field service operations

Field service organizations must be equipped to handle a variety of requirements, such as scheduling mobile service teams, coordinating with external service providers, customer appointment preferences, and handling data in a transparent but secure manner.

To manage these flows, dispatchers often jump back and forth between multiple software applications, Excel spreadsheets and the telephone receiver.

Our goal is to relieve dispatchers, planners and managers of unnecessary, repetitive work in order to ensure resource-efficient operations.

Neufield - Our Mission - Our goal is to relieve dispatchers, planners and department managers of unnecessary, repetitive work so that they have more time for complex tasks and can ensure sustainable and resource-efficient operations.

A digital toolbox for your team

The Neufield Cloud Platform provides all stakeholders with a digital toolbox that covers all field service processes from end to end.

At the heart of the platform is a smart assistant that enriches each module with automation functionalities, thereby automating recurring activities in the planning and coordination of service teams, customers, service partners and other stakeholders.

Your team will be relieved of activities that prevent them from performing complex and critical tasks. Allow more time for quality activities and the things that really matter.


Achieve your operational goals

Increased productivity
Increased productivity through reduction of scheduling effort and a minimization of manual planning
Optimal coordination
Optimal coordination of internal and external field service resources through data-informed management
Higher customer satisfaction
Higher customer satisfaction through immediate consideration of needs and an outstanding service experience

See how Neufield can save you time & effort

Change the settings including the daily time your team members spend on planning and coordination activities.

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